Income & Expense Tracking Made Easy

Best Expense Tracking

Track Expenses

Receipt Cat makes it easy for small businesses to itemize expenses for tax deductions. You could end up saving a ton of money or getting a larger tax return.

How to Track Income

Track Income

By adding your business income, you can see how your business is performing. You can view your expenses vs. income over time and make sure you are not ovespending.

Best Receipt Scanning App

Auto-Capture AI & OCR

Receipt Cat scans receipts automatically and captures key information like the merchant name, taxes, total, and date. This eliminates the need to manually input data each time for every receipt.

Searchable Receipts

Organized & Searchable

Our receipt management system makes it simple to organize your documents into categories. Quickly search or filter through  receipts and find exactly what you need in a snap.

Expense Reports

Reporting Dashboard

Our reporting dashboard gives you an overview of your business expenses and income. It's simple to understand and provides valuable insight into how your company is performing at a glance.

Custom Categories for Receipts

Custom Categories

Categories make it easy to itemize your businesses expenses come tax season. You can create custom categories to organize your receipts and expenses just the way you want them.

Drag and drop receipts


With our drag-and-drop feature, it's never been easier to get your receipts uploaded and organized. Just drag and drop all your receipt files right into Receipt Cat.

Choose currency

Select Your Currency

Select your native currency so all your expenses and income reflect the primary currency of your finances.

Scan paper receipts

Digitize Paper Receipts

There's no need for that shoebox of receipts. Snap a photo of your receipts and upload them to Receipt Cat. Your receipts will be easily accessible and safely stored.

Custom Rules

Custom Rules

Create custom rules so that all your receipts are automatically categorized based on the marchant name of receipts you upload.

Export Data to CSV Spreadsheet

Export Data to Spreadsheet

Export all your expense and income data to a CSV spreadsheet so that you can make your own calculations or upload into other financial software.

Download Bulk Receipts

Download Receipts in Bulk

Specify the date range of the receipts (or other financial documents) you have uploaded and get them all in one download.

Best app for scanning receipts

Mobile App

Digitize your receipts with a snap of a picture. Receipt Cat will automatically scan and import your receipt right on your mobile device. Easily the best receipt scanning app experience.

Turn Receipts into Data & Business Deductions

Create Custom Categories

Digitize Paper Receipts

There's no need for that shoebox of receipts. Snap a photo of your receipts and upload them to Receipt Cat. Your receipts will be easily accessible and safely stored.

Digitize Your Paper Receipts

Make Tax Time Easier

It’s never been easier to claim tax-deductible expeneses with all the information and receipts you need at your fingertips.

Store digital copies of your receipts for safe keeping

Be Audit Ready

Digital images of your receipts are also accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and the Canada Revenue Service in the event of an audit.

Never lose a receipt again

Meet Legal Record-Keeping Requirements

Did you know the IRS recommends keeping financial documents for up to 7 years? Have peace of mind knowing you're covered.

Add custom rules for your receipts

Never Lose a Receipt

Now you can keep all your receipts in one convenient place, allowing you to easily access them anytime and eliminating any fear of losing an important receipt ever again.

Export your data and download receipts

Instant Access to Your Receipts

Collect your receipts anytime, anywhere you desire. Easily manage your receipts, invoices, and other financial documents in one convenient location.


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