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Effortless expense and income tracking for your small business. Intelligent receipt and invoice scanner, organization, reports, and more.

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Intelligent Receipt Scanner

Drop in your receipt photos or PDFs and let our smart receipt scanner do the rest. Receipt Cat will scan your receipts with OCR and automatically add the vendor name, tax, total amount, date, and more to your expense entry.

OCR Receipt Scanner
Organize your receipts and invoices with categories.

Stay Organized and Ready for Tax Season

Filing your business taxes doesn’t have to be painful. Keep all your expenses organized in one place. Categories make it easy to itemize your businesses expenses come tax season.

See Business Performance with Reports

Our reporting dashboard shows your expenses and income over time and broken down by category. See how your business is performing at a glance.

Reports to see how you are doing
Drag and Drop


Simply drag and drop your expenses and let Receipt Cat’s AI take care of the rest.

Drag and Drop

Digitize Receipts

Keep a secure digital copy of your receipts accessible 24/7.

Drag and Drop

Searchable Receipts

Quickly search for receipts by name, category, and more.

Drag and Drop

Custom Categories

Create your own custom categories for better receipt organization.

Plans & Pricing to Fit Your Small Business

Expense Plan


  50 transactions per month

  Expense only tracking

  Receipt and invoice scanner


Expense & Income Plan


  100 transactions per month

  Expense and income tracking

  Receipt and invoice scanner


Unlimited Plan


  Unlimited transactions

  Expense and income tracking

  Receipt and invoice scanner


Get started with 25 transactions and access all features during your free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an expense tracker?

Tracking your expenses is not only great for businesses, but also for anyone who has a project that earns extra income. You can easily keep track of your expense and income to see how you are performing and also be ready for tax time. Keeping track of your expenses makes it very easy for sole proprietors to itemize expenses for tax deductions. You could end up saving money or getting a larger tax return.

It’s also important to keep a record of your receipts just in case you are audited. Did you know the IRS in the US recommends that you keep your receipts for up to seven years? Let Receipt cat keep a digital copy of your receipt and put your mind at ease.

Who is Receipt Cat best suited for?

Receipt Cat was made for people with side hustles, freelancers, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and small businesses. Essentially, anyone who runs a part-time or full-time business who doesn’t need the overhead and hassle of managing a complex accounting system.

What does the receipt scanner do?

Included in Receipt Cat is an intelligent receipt scanner which uses optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence to pick out key data like merchant name, tax, totals and more. Receipt Cat will take that data and fill out a new entry for you. Gone are the days of having to manually enter data for every transactions!

What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs into Receipt Cat.

Does Receipt Cat keep a digital copy of my receipts?

Yes, it does! Your uploaded receipts are accessible with a click of a button. You can even choose to download all your uploaded receipts at once.

Can I add custom categories?

You sure can. While Receipt Cat has default categories for expenses, you can add as many custom categories as you need to keep your expenses and income organized.

Can I cancel at any time?

We make it easy to manage your subscription. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time.

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Get started with 25 transactions and access all features during your free trial.

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